Natural Facial Care Travel Kit For Acne *NEW*

Natural Facial Care Travel Kit For Acne *NEW*

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    Weight: 7.50 Ounces

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    Natural Facial Care Travel Kit For Acne *NEW*
    *NEW* Acne Natural Skin Care Travel Kit in a travel friendly sizes and containers in a travel zip pouch. *savings over individual prices*

    Our finely hand-crafted natural skin care has proven to rejuvenate, restore, and renew - returning youthful clarity, firmness and radiance. It improves skin's texture and appearance with regular use and delivers better results than products three times the price. For women and men. 


    "I have been using products form the Anti-Acne & Restoring Face Wash & Scrub, Anti-Aging & Restoring Face Lotion w/spf 30, and the Skin Perfecting Gel for only a short while, and already I see a big difference. My skin has not looked this clear and fresh in years. Even my mother commented that my skin was looking great. I love how I look and feel when using these products. I also have been using the Anti-Aging & Restoring Advanced Eye Gel and I have noticed that the area under my eyes is less dark and puffy. No longer do I look tired all the time, even when I am!

    I really love these products and I am so glad that at age 42 I have finally found a skin care line that works for me." Kathrine - Seattle, WA

    "LOVE the Sebum Control Gel – seemed like my daughters breakouts cleared up over night."

    Brenna - Edmonds, WA.

    "The Smoothing and Tightening Gel is awesome. I'm using it in the morning instead of primer. My skin feels great and I feel better knowing I'm not putting a bunch of chemicals on my skin."

    Denita - Seattle, WA.

    Olive Branch products are handmade from the finest natural ingredients, free of parabens, dyes, petroleum, alcohol, artificial fragrances and artificial flavors. 

    For women and men.