Creamy Lip Butter Pack: No Color

Creamy Lip Butter Pack: No Color

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    Creamy Lip Butter Pack: No Color
    Our Creamy Lip Butter Pack contains four of our all-natural creamy lip butters that are hand-crafted in small batches from fine natural ingredients with healing, softening and protection from organic shea butter and organic olive oil and all-natural flavors from essential oils and botanical extracts. Retains moisture and creates a gentle barrier on the lips. No mineral oils or petroleum.

    Cream Lip Butter Pack - No Color:
    • Pure (no flavor)
    • Lavender-Chamomile Vanilla
    • Herbal-Mint
    • Orange-Tangerine.

    All-Natural Ingredients (No Color): organic shea butter, organic olive oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, castor oil, natural sweetener: cocos nucifera (coconut oil) (and) eupatorium rebaudianum bertoni leaf (stevia leaf) extract.


    "Love the Lip Butter! Great Moisturizer!!!" I know, it's hard to get away from brand association with lip balm right? Most 'chapsticks' cover the lips but don't actually moisturize, probably because they are petroleum chapstick!" ~ Natalie Yocum

    "...I was traveling a while ago and my lips always get so chapped when I travel. Anyway, I had 5 different lip balms with me in my suitcase from various other trips. One of those lip balms was yours and do you know that was the ONLY one that cured my lips. All the others made my lips more chapped. I had to keep applying more balm with them. Now I realize I totally sound like a commercial but it is true! Good for you!!!" -Joelle