Finely Hand-Ground Natural Vitamin C Powder (skin booster)

Finely Hand-Ground Natural Vitamin C Powder (skin booster)

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    Finely Hand-Ground Natural Vitamin C Powder (skin booster)
    Restores elasticity and creates younger, firmer, brighter and clearer skin. Made from 100% stable highest grade non-irritating vitamin C (retains its antioxidant power, is gentle and non acidic). Finely hand-ground to reduce graininess. Use a very tiny amount (small dusting in palm of hand). HOW TO USE OLIVE BRANCH VITAMIN C POWDER

  • Brighter, cleaner, younger looking skin
  • For all skin types
  • Slows aging process
  • Works well with any anti-aging regime
  • Restores elasticity, reduces wrinkles and helps clear sun damage
  • Beneficial with treatments for acne, rosacea and eczema
  • Helps to control swelling and redness associated with rosacea
  • Reduces excess blood flow (redness) and irritation of the skin
  • Protects against free radical damage, the cause of 99% of all aging
  • Safe for sensitive skin.

    Directions: Mix fresh daily, a tiny, tiny amount in the palm of your hand with your facial moisturizer or sunscreen to retain it's 100% potency. Won’t decrease the effectiveness of sunscreen. Never put directly into container of moisturizer or sunscreen. Can also be added to water based formulations such as toners (mix a weekly amount of toner with a tiny amount of Vitamin C Powder in a separate small dark container). May feel grainy or salty on the skin if too much is used.
    Vitamin C Paste: for instant relief and reduction of red bumps or irritation on the face, neck or chest, mix a tiny amount of Vitamin C Powder with a little water to create a paste and apply to affected areas.

    "I LOVE the Anti-Aging Night Elixir too! My skin is tighter and more supple. And since I began using the Vitamin C Powder mixed with Anti-Aging & Restoring Face Lotion, I have seen a marked improvement in the clarity of my skin. My face looks brighter and fresher, and my skin tone is more even. Dark blemishes are fading! I love the fact the products are all natural! Awesome products!” -Renee, Southern CA

    Ingredient: Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (MAP).

    Olive Branch products are handmade from the finest natural ingredients, free of parabens, dyes, petroleum, alcohol, artificial fragrances and artificial flavors.

    For women and men.
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