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Finely Formulated and Hand-Crafted Natural Skin Care for Women and Men. Seattle, WA. COMPLIMENTARY SHIPPING ON $50+ ORDERS



Q. Do you still make your Natural Body Lotion and Natural Body Cream in Valencia Orange?

A.Our All-Natural Valencia Orange scent will return Spring 2022. In the meantime, look for our All-Natural Signature Scent, PURE (unscented) and a limited 2021 Holiday scent.

Q. Do you use eco-friendly shipping materials?

A. At Olive Branch, we practice eco-friendly manufacturing and retailing. Please recycle, share with others, or reuse the marketing and packing materials, including the eco-clear bags our products are protected in. These eco-clear bags are made from plant-based PLA (Polylactic Acid), are certified compostable (as well as our padded paper shipping envelopes) and are food safe. Our packing peanuts are biodegradable, made from natural plant starch, anti-static and water soluble. To dispose of: toss them in your kitchen sink and run water until they dissolve. Or, place them in your yard waste bin, or backyard composting operation.

Q. How to redeem an Olive Branch E-Gift Certificate:

A. As the E-Gift Certificate Recipent, you will first, log into your Olive Branch Account (please create one if you do not have one yet). This will take you to the Customer Account Page. Find your 'Wallet' and click on 'Redeem Gift Certificate'. This will show your current E-Gift Certificate Balance as well as allow you to enter a new E-Gift Certificate Code. Then, when you're ready to pay for your order with your E-Gift Certificate balance, find the 'Pay With' box on the Checkout: Shipping/Payment Selection Page and click on it, then click on 'Available Credit Balance'. If your total order is more than your E-Gift Certificate Balance, it will allow you to pay the remainder by credit card or Paypal. If your order is less than your total Gift Certificate Balance, the remaining $ will be kept in your Wallet for future use.

Q. Large Quantities/Special Orders:

A. (Large quantities, special displays, items or gift packs not shown on our site, etc.): Please make requests through email to: Order confirmations due by Sept 1st of that year.

Q. Olive Branch Saturday Skin Care Party.

A. Hosting a natural skin care party for your friends, neighbors and family on a Saturday afternoon or evening is a great way to try our products, share with friends and ask questions. For hosting a party, you'll receive $100 worth of Olive Branch products of your choice.The host provides the space and invites guests (min of 5 people) and Olive Branch provides the skin care products and personal service. If you're interested and live in Seattle, please email Joan Johnson at:

Q. Do you have any retail locations?:

A. We are currently an online store and do quarterly Street Fairs/Events (please see our Events page). We also have some products on and are in the process of looking at getting into local stores.

Q. What if I live in West Seattle and want to pick up my order?:

A. Please choose the 'on-site' shipping option during check out. Once your order is received, you will receive an email to coordinate a time for pick-up from our 'contactless' Olive Branch pick up box.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at: