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Cooling Face Care Travel Kit (Rosacea)

Cooling Face Care Travel Kit (Rosacea)

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    Cooling Face Care Travel Kit (Rosacea)
    Our Cooling Face Care Travel Kit is formulated for Flushed, Red or Bumpy Skin. Contains all of our natural am and pm daily essentials for calm, healthy, younger, clearer and more supple skin along with a how to use Face Care Regime card in a waterproof zip top travel pouch. Kits are available in Extra Anti-Aging (no sunscreen) or Outdoors (with natural sunscreen, 30). For women and men.


    Creamy all-natural anti-aging face wash gently detoxifies and cleanses pores (lessening their appearance), softly removes dead skin cells, deeply nourishes, brightens, calms and evens skin tone, smooths the appearance of lines and wrinkles and 'remodels' the contours of the face, leaving it noticeably clean, healthy, smooth, calm, bright, uplifted and younger looking. You'll notice a marked improvement in the look of your skin. PH balanced. For all skin types including dry or sensitive skin, Rosacea and Eczema.  *Works wonders as a shaving cream.

    Gently clears away cells on the nose, cheeks and forehead that cause redness, flushing and red bumps, for fresher, even, healthy, stronger and toned skin. Lessens patchiness and stinging with use. 
    To use: Nightly after our Anti-Aging Face Wash. Shake well and apply generously tap onto a cotton ball and apply to face, neck and chest. May also be used as a spot treatment anytime during the day. Follow with our Cooling Face Elixir (2x daily), then our Anti-Aging Face Cream (2x daily). 

    Gently calms redness, broken capillaries and red bumps and softens rough skin on the nose, cheeks and forehead restoring a soft, supple and even complexion. 
    To Use: Apply a dropper full twice daily to face, neck and chest after washing with our Anti-Aging Face Wash and at night after our Cooling Facial Toner. Follow with our Anti-Aging Face Cream twice daily to re-hyrdrate, seal in moisture and further calm and protect skin, restoring it's youthful and healthy splendor.

    Powerful and gentle silky plant based natural face cream that helps with facial contouring and restoring skin’s younger, up-lifted, fuller, brighter, calmer and more velvety appearance. Does a wonder at lessening the look of deeper wrinkles, sagging and crepiness.  Available in Extra Anti-Aging (no sunscreen) or Outdoors (with natural sunscreen, 30).
    Directions: Apply 3 or more pumps in upward strokes onto face and neck morning and night and when needed throughout the day. Will not clog pores. STORE IN A COOL DRY PLACE. 

    Quickly and gently cools redness and swelling on the nose, cheeks and forehead and lightly hydrates skin for a healthy, supple and radiant complexion. Spray until relief is felt. 

    Use: Shake well and spritz onto face, neck and chest after washing with our Anti-Aging Face Wash in the morning and after our Cooling Facial Toner at night and anytime when flushing, stinging or redness is felt. Spray until relief is felt. Great after a workout, glass of wine, spicy food or whenever redness appears.

    Cooling Face Care Regime Card:


    “My dermatologist raved about my skin!  She is very interested in trying some.” ~Jan 

    "Hi Joan, I had yearly skin check for Rosacea. My dermatologist loved my skin! She took down your info and wants to refer patients. I'm so grateful for how your formulations have healed me!" ~ Jackie

    “Hi Joan!  I'm out of just about everything (even used the last drops in my travel kit!). I tried using my old brand of face cream but my skin just wouldn't have it! NO ONE believes I'm almost 62, and my skin feels better that ever.

    So time to re-order!”  ~ Lori

    "I have been using Olive Branch skin care line for over three years. Recently, I developed some redness on my cheeks. I have never really had a skin problem, but n ow at 73, I developed a mild case of Rosacea. Joan had me change to her Cooling Face Regime. Now my skin looks and feels wonderful again. I recently had an appointment wiht my dermatologist, and she told me my skin looked great, and healthy. Joan has helped me change over to this new regime and choose nice color for some highlights. I so appreciate her knowledge of the product, and her individual attention. I would highly recommend any and all Joan's line." ~ Jan

    "I had to come back and tell you I can already see and feel a difference in my skin with just one use! Thank you!"

    Hi Joan! I just wanted to let you know that my whole family uses the Olive Branch products you recommended. My teenager had a ton of Acne and now, no Acne! Her skin is bright and smooth! My husband's Rosacea is clearing up, too. We all love these products. Thank you!"  ~Jen (& family)

    "My face was so bad, even my ears had bulbous looking skin. It is such a huge blessing to see my skin again. I cannot thank you enough! It's a miracle!" ~Jackie

    "I never write product reviews, but this product is so good that I'm compelled to let others know! I've tried several other products to help with Rosacea, including prescriptions, and this is by far the best. I use it with every morning with the Olive Branch Rosacea elixir and it consistently keeps the redness down. I experience allergic reactions from other rosacea products but have never had any trouble with this. This combination of products also keeps my face moisturized where other products dry it out. Highly recommend."

    "I used your Rosacea recommended products today. They totally calmed my skin. I could cry. It’s been pretty rough and getting worse. Thank you"

    "I bought Anti-Aging Face Wash that is good for Rosacea and Rosacea Toner for my husband who really likes it! He wants to buy the Rosacea Elixer now. He's a true believer- told me his face does not hurt anymore! I am a big fan of your stuff!" Karen - Seattle, WA. 

    Olive Branch products are handmade from the finest natural ingredients, free of parabens, dyes, petroleum, alcohol, artificial fragrances and artificial flavors.  For women and men.

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