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Ceramic Refill Pump Wide Mouth Container

Ceramic Refill Pump Wide Mouth Container

    Price: $24.50


    Weight: 12.00 Ounces

    Ceramic Refill Pump Wide Mouth Container
    Introducing our *NEW* elegant 12oz Nordic style wide mouth ceramic refillable container in white or black, with brass pump top. Very easy to refill and dispense. A great way to get away from single use bottles and containers and bring freshness to your bath, shower, kitchen, office or as a gift with any of our finely formulated and hand-crafted matching Natural Body Care products.

    To Refill with one of our Refill Pouches: Sterilize container, cap and pump by washing with hot water and dishwashing soap, dry and disinfect all surfaces thoroughly with rubbing alcohol. Completely dry. Squirt one of our Natural Body Lotion or Anti-Aging Face Wash refill pouches into container and attach top tightly to ensure a vacuum seal. To ensure freshness and effectivess of product, NEVER MIX 'USE BY' dates.

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